Saturday, April 20, 2013


I took a short break from the SCREEN FREE TOUR to visit Philadelphia's fabulous PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM!

It's a pretty awesome place. You MUST come here if you're in the area (or not). Incredible architecture and plenty of things for me- um, the kids- to climb on.

My book BOY + BOT won their book award! Here I am with the other winners, Maria Van LieshoutAme Dyckman (author of Boy + Bot and odd hair color enthusiast) and G. Brian Karas.

Here I am with Ame in front of a cool display of our book and some vintage toys. Sadly, it was locked up tight, otherwise I would've snagged a few of those robots!

Here we are presenting our book to the kids.

Hey, my stomach is grumbling! I'm hungry. Well, since I'm in Philly...

Why not grab a cheesesteak? I see Pat's Steaks up ahead.

Dee-lish! I got mine with Whiz and onions. Yummy.

In case you didn't know, there's a good-natured rivalry between Pat's and another place for cheesesteaks, Geeno's. In fact it's just a short walk, so as I lick my fingers, I make my way there.

There it is! Mighty Geeno's like a beacon in the distance beckoning me.

Oh, man! This one's good, too! I'm sorry, but I can't decide. I'll have to do a taste test again, but not today!

 Back at the museum I ponder if there's such a thing as too many rubber ducks.

I run into a fan.

And check out the museum shop. Great stuff!

Time to hit the road again. Adios!

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