Thursday, April 25, 2013


My first stop in Seattle was the St Alphonsus School, where I continued to spread the word: UNPLUG!

This was a super bright group of kids who had some excellent questions. One girl asked, "Which is the best publisher to publish with?"

That kid is going to rule the world some day.

It may look like I'm disco dancing, but I'm actually reading DOUG UNPLUGGED. And yes, I know I'm using a screen to do it! But I also talk about how screens can be used as tools and it's all about a BALANCE between being plugged in and unplugging.

So I unplugged and used good ol' marker and paper.

The next stop was Schmitz Park Elementary with Bob Staake, where we got some help with our drawings.

Then it was off to 3rd Place Books with Bob Staake and Chris Raschka, where we read and did a little drawing demo for the kids. 

Now for a well-deserved dinner!

Yes, I know it looks kinda gross, but oysters are dee-lish! Believe it or not, you may actually like them when you become a grown up.

Thank you for a wonderful visit, Seattle.

Ciao, everybody!


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