Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I begin my journey to Omaha, Nebraska to visit the Joslyn Museum of Art to give some presentations about my retrospective exhibit on display there, THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF DAN YACCARINO.

But somehow stepped into the 1980's vision of the future at the airport. Screens everywhere! Energy drinks! Futuristic handheld devises! Somebody point me to the food pill bar.

I see that it continues to be Logan's Run even in the restroom.

I LOVE it when I visit a school and see cool things like this. It makes me feel so welcome.

Great group of kids! We discussed SCREEN FREE WEEK.

And I did a drawing of DOUG from DOUG UNPLUGGED.

There's always time for a quick checkup. Not sure about this guy's medical license. It was hanging on his collar.

I read some books at the Omaha Children's Museum.

And then I met a few friends for lunch at DINKERS, which makes the claim of serving the best burger in Omaha.

Mmmm! It was messy, but very good! However, I cannot substantiate this claim until I've had a burger at every burger place in the city. This may require a second trip.

My buddy finally showed up. So great to see my old college roommate Darth Maul. His old nickname was Skippy (he hated that). Did I ever mention we went to school together?

However some old friends weren't doing so well.

So I bid farewell to Omaha, a cool city and fun place to visit! Thank you for a wonderful time.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Omaha, I lived in New York most of my life and ended up here. People don't realize it but we have lots of great things to do here.


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