Friday, October 26, 2012



I had such a great time at the Sheboygan Children’s BookFestival last week because a.) everyone was so incredibly nice (which would normally make me suspicious) and b.) because I think I’m running out of states I’ve never been to before.

The Kohler Arts Center was lovely; this is one of their urinals. I kind of felt bad using it.

I made a few new friends there, like these guys.

And the fantastically talented and incredibly nice (although I don’t think he’s from Wisconsin) Mr. Steven Kellogg. I wish we had more time to talk, but our speaking and signing schedules were a bit hectic. However, I did manage to get a picture with him, which I will treasure.

I also saw my good friend Andy Rash (he’s working on being incredibly nice since he lives there now and is required by law) and we had breakfast at an “old school Milwaukee” diner, Benji’s. I had the corned beef hash and eggs.

I was not permitted to leave the state until I ate an entire plate of fried cheese curds.