Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Oh man! The Los Angeles Time Festival of Books was FANTASTIC! I was whisked to the hospitality tent for a quick tech check, sound check and snacks and saw the schedule for the day. What a lineup!

I haven't spoken to the Justice League since they asked me to join the team, but I had to turn them down. Fighting super villains left me little time to write and illustrate my books, so they hired their second choice, Aquaman. He was a nice guy and I wished him lots of luck with the League (they have excellent medical and dental coverage), but I have one complaint- he ate the last chocolate chip cookie on the snack table.

I popped by the book store tent and saw a nice display of my books.

Uh oh! Time to take the Target stage!

I am talked to the kids about my new book DOUG UNPLUGGED and SCREEN FREE WEEK. We talked about how we use computers to help us in our everyday lives, but we also need to take some time to unplug.

This was my view from the stage. Pretty cool!


Whew! That was hard work, but fun. Time for lunch.

I grabbed a bite with my children's book chums, the talented and lovely Lisa Yee, the talented and, well, I wouldn't say lovely, but talented and quite funny Tom Angleberger and my longtime pal, Dan Santat. Lisa brought her buddy Peepy who hopped up on the table.

Now off to San Francisco! On my way out of Los Angeles, I saw some pretty cool stuff.

Here I am with fellow Screen Free Brethren, Bob Staake at the popular San Francisco children's book store, THE READING BUG, spreading the word of UNPLUGGING!

I also visited another lovely book store, BOOKS, INC. It seems that they have excellent taste in counter posters.

Sayonara, gang.


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