Monday, January 12, 2015


If you know me or read my blog, you know I love to eat. Just read the banner of this blog. It actually says "food."

One of my most favorite desserts is ice cream and when I was growing up, the most exciting thing to hear was my parents calling me and my brother and sister to pile into the old station wagon to go to Applegate Farms for some ice cream.

My favorite flavor was Vanilla Fudge, but being there were so many to choose from here, I probably tried most of them. Before you ask, no, I never had Rum Raisin.

I guess my favorite is black raspberry. I don't see it very often, so whenever I do, I get it! 

I tried to thank the cows, but they ignored me.

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  1. Now I want ice cream. I am a big fan of a good strawberry, but I confess, the Cherry Vanilla has me thinking...